Saturday, July 03, 2004

Pimp my tech

Games they was trippin’: Take 2 on the label
So much mula put G4 on cable
GTA releases X’er-cynicism
Nothin’ better than car-jackin grey-hairs
On the telly vision

Xbox is kickin’ out the video
Microsoft is sneakin in the front do’
‘Cause Bill Gates wants more blingy
Than Trump, Usher, and Chingy

Got my dual flat panels
At only 10 G’s apeice
Wanna get ‘em crunk up
But nVidia’s patch is late on release

Who you with? Where you been?
Big Brother’s trackin’ all your sin
Where you going? What’cha doin?
With that Blackberry at the Holday Inn

Gold toof’ display, camera lens in the celly’s
Need stacks of cheese just to pay for these PC’s
Midgets with gold chains, making me insane
If you ain’t born short den gotta use yo’ brains

Goin’ back to Cali, Cali, Cali.
Goin’ back to Cali-- I don’t think so
The web boom dun ‘n busted
Can’t collect no checks cause my skilz up 'n rusted

Emailed Don, need work, hey you got some?
Said come to town, drop down and get your eagle on
Sent in my info, said they prolly get wit me
But they hired a Chinese Jew gurl cause it was better- more PC

So I was the renegade of funk
Stickin’ it to the man like a punk
Rippin’ gig’s of MP3s, pressin’ my own CD’s
Til’ the record execs got crunk, bitch-slapped me

Sent the FBI to my crib
I jumped out the back, broke my rib
Mofo’s stole my tunes, trashed my drive
Now I’m paying 10 bucks a month for XM, jus trying to stay alive

Went back to the block, now got pimps as my friends
I got marketing honeys in the Mercedes-Benz
My programming friends diss me and think they so funny
But I eats steak and lobster while countin’ my money