Sunday, September 26, 2004

Happy birthday, wheea wheea girl!

It's my daughter's birthday today, can you believe she's 14?? Where did the time go? A few years ago I was reassuring the nurse that yes, she was my daughter-- despite the fact that she had white-blond hair and white-white skin, while her mother and I were both dark-haired and prone to tan. I could verify that she was, indeed, the child that came out of my wifes body, because I was *the first one* to see her.

Actually, we saw each other first. As her head came popping out, I was standing just right of the doctor when she turned her new-born neck 90 degrees to look directly at me, giving me the once-over with one eye open and a very...scrunched up...expression on her face.

It freaked me out a little...was she upset with me (already)? Had she made up her mind that I was ill-prepared (as are all first-time parents) to raise her without warpage?

Luckily, my deficit of skill is counter-balanced by my wife's surplus and our daughter's own internal strength of character. She has grown into a lovely, still fair-skinned, young lady who from time to time can still give me that same scrunched up look she had at our first meeting, causing a chill to run down my spine. How lucky am I to have such awesome (a nod to the Man-Child as well) kids?

And somewhere between 13 and 14 she discovered how to study on her own without constant harassment from her mother. Life is *good*.