Wednesday, February 23, 2005


n 1: the act of making and return or doing something in return 2: alternating back-and-forth movement 3: mutual interaction; the activity of interchanging or reciprocating [syn: interchange, give-and-take]

isn't reciprocation built into the human condition? we can't do anything without depending on someone else to give us feedback. do you understand? we can give voice to our thoughts, but we're never sure the words are right until someone says them back to us in a slightly different way. aha! they *did* understand. how easy is it to write something that causes a misunderstanding and you then say you were 'misinterpreted'? in fact, what you wrote wasn't really was simply interpreted.

reciprocation is so essential that people get really annoyed when reciprocation is not provided. mean people know this and hold back reciprocation as a way to assert their superiority. i get annoyed when people don't use their blinker when turning. they see that i'm waiting for some indication of what they're going to do next, but they don't reciprocate by turning on their blinker. so i wait, but ponder the reciprocation of my bumber into their sidepanel. hmm...

young kids have become so self-centered that they sometimes don't even reciprocate a direct question with a direct answer. how annoying. maybe their parents never reciprocated thier need for attention and affection...who knows. but one day they will realize, as a wise older friend once advised me, everyone needs help in this don't get anywhere or do anything totally on your own.