Wednesday, February 23, 2005

vegetables get no respect

why is it people get so upset about fur coats? they weep over the slaughter of furry vermin, but have no problem skinning a noble Holstein for its leather coat and a bag of quarter-pounders. these same people will not hesitate to decapitate thousands of acres of puffy cotton balls just to keep a supply of fresh BVDs and embroidered towels at hand. why is it okay to skin a carrot? or a radish? it's not like they weren't alive at some point. the only vegetables that get any fair treatment are the mutants...those 500 pound water melons and squashes the size of a VW...and the ones that happen to have some markings that make them look like human faces. if you can spot two eyes and a mouth then all the sudden that potato is cute and cuddly and you want to keep it around a little longer...right?