Monday, October 03, 2005


You have to love this technological era we live can access email from anywhere, call anyone from anywhere, and reach out and touch anyone from anywhere, anytime. Everything, however, is not all spam and roses...there is discordance...ripples in the electronic fabric of the universe everywhere you look. Here are some disturbing examples:

  • An iPod Nano with 4 GB of memory costs as much as an iPod with 20 GB.
  • Cell phones work best in cars moving at high rates of speed on busy highways.
  • It takes a minimum of three remote controls to watch a movie on your TV.
  • The plane might crash if you accidentally leave your cell phone on.
  • Someone is still using fax machines.
  • My cell phone is smart enough to know what time zone it's in, but will still ring at dinner time.
  • Google is a silly name for a company. Microsoft is still a monopoly.
  • It's a crime to copy digital music, but not a crime to charge $17 for a CD full of crap.
  • You must dial a '1' for long distance from your 'land line' phone, but not from your cell phone.
  • Video games with violence are banned, while the Army publishes a video game.
  • Improvements in scanner technology mean you can now scan *and* bag your own groceries.
  • You can still get lost even with a GPS in your car.
  • The HDTV standard actually contains 18 different standards, some of which are 'HD' and some which are not. Nice 'standard'.
  • It's legal to patent 'one click'.
  • We can track the position of golf balls using ShotLink to +/- 1 cm, but we still need 2 guys with a chain to know if its a first down.
  • The toaster is still the smartest appliance in the house.

Hi Mom! Hope you feel better :)