Sunday, November 06, 2005


We dumped our Dell PC for a Power Mac Dual G5. There was a transition in our requirements for a computer. We bought our new computer not for what it came with...applications, memory, CPU cycles, or disk space. No. We bought our computer based on what it didn't come with...namely Windows...and the viruses, spyware, and spam that seem to come with Windows.

Our previous PCs only lasted a year before they were so screwed up with malicious software that they'd slow to a halt, refuse to shut down or start up promptly, and every google query would send you to some shopping page. We tried being careful not to click on dubious links. We spent hours downloading patches to various programs. We installed anti-virus software and downloaded all those updates. In the end, it seemed we were spending more time patching the OS than using the OS and the computer was still becoming unstable. The only alternative was to pay someone to clean it up completely or buy a new computer, and often buying a new computer was cheaper.

Maybe it's not Microsoft's problem that all the hackers of the world exploit their security loopholes..maybe that's the price of being the top operating system dog. But you don't need Windows to surf the Internet, to download iTunes, to chat on AIM, or to read email. Those are the primary uses of our home computer these days, and the Mac handles them with ease. And so far, we've had no crazy viruses or spyware problems.

Please, *please*, don't all of you go out and buy'll just attract all the hackers to Apple's OS X and the only alternative left will be IBM System/390 mainframes running MVS.